Meng Quan shareholder Li Xiaolu invites you to lead the fashion of new light luxury doctrine

Date:Jul 22,2016

  Dream springs, as a start in the micro business brand, with its high quality products and services, exquisite packaging and strong promotion, has enjoyed a good reputation in the industry, occupy the position of the leader in the market. The famous actor Li Xiaolu in 2016 fashion dream Izumi elite ceremony officially became a dream springs shareholders, it is to let the dream fountain in star circle set off a luxurious dream spring wind! Join a strong director Xiao Fei, angel investors, Yang Ning, to vigorously develop the dream spring cheer!

  In the micro business this hot in the industry, there are a lot of vulnerable groups, micro business white, of course, has in micro business was white, dream springs on agency implement back nurture policy, dream spring business school regularly lecture, company more policy support dream spring agent, dream - chuen, spend hundreds of billions of brand publicity, increase brand awareness. Recent dream springs and the partner dream "movie joint launch dream spring Shine Lip Gloss in Paris, not only into the dream partner: the movie" and in cinemas, as well as the beginning of the movie have advertising. Li Xiaolu white light luxury fashion brand, Yao Chen, Tang Yan, Hao Lei are in use lip gloss, dream spring brand influence is not enough for you?

  Meng Quan started in the micro business, from the micro counter attack taking entity, prepare three years to enter the capital market brand. Dream springs of the product and the strength of doubt, standing in the forefront of fashion, leading the cause of the beautiful. The dream spring brand has been recognized more and more people, dream of spring light luxury lifestyle already penetrated into people's lives.

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