To celebrate the anniversary of spring dream dream spring investment preferential threshold

Date:Jul 20,2016

  2013 micro business budding, circle of friends and more for the generation gap in 2014 to enter the mature period, the development of micro business in 2015 suffered a bottleneck. Fountain of dreams as a light luxury brand in China, starting in derivative, to enter the Chinese market in 2014, the development so far, the dream spring is about to usher in two years old birthday, anniversary dream springs will in the beautiful Sanya kicked off, the company of sun, sea, beach, this is dream springs agent top feast. Meng Quan anniversary anniversary approaching, dream spring agents at all levels and Meng Quan fans for the feedback, the fountain of dreams crazy drop investment threshold, more Hainan Sanya free luxury travel.


  Anniversary of the dream of the spring, the national low threshold Recruitment agents at all levels (Meng Quan agent price list)

  Three agents original price 9800, price 6800

  Two agents was 27000 days and 2 nights, the price 19800+3 Hainan Sanya luxury tour

  Two agent +10000 payment, husband and wife sweet Sanya luxury tour

  An agent of the original 49800, price 39600, and give 3 days and 2 nights in Hainan Sanya luxury tour places 2

  Meng Quan anniversary not only crazy drop investment threshold, more internal training courses, the new conference, free Sanya luxury travel, give you a close to the fountain of dreams of opportunity! If you ever because dream springs agent prices high and the lingering dream spring, spring dream anniversary Qing is a great plus access.

  Dream spring investment advantage 1 dream spring operation mode

  The o2o line of both derivative + entities, Mengquan do a new derivative, a new entity. Dream spring has now entered the capital market, the next three years plan operations listed, so the new mode of operation of the micro business, the pattern is not a big pattern of every micro business brand.

  The advantage of the spring of the 2 dream of the spring dream of a unique level of education, upgrade policy

  Many of our agents have just started acting as a proxy. Including a lot of our city on behalf of the province, not a dream spring is a big agent. They are the beneficiaries of this policy!

  That what is the level of education, for example, you are a three agent. Your friend wants to be a two agent. Well, normally, your friend level is higher than you, then you can't make money, and you will be worried about her to bypass you directly to the company. But at this time, the company will have a fertility policy. Although your friend level is higher than you, but she still belongs to you to cultivate a proxy. Her first purchase, the company will give you 5% of the commission. Second starts within one year 3%. From the beginning of the second year is another point. And it's important that her performance is yours. The benefits of this performance is very large, it can help you to upgrade, if your performance for several months to achieve a certain amount of the company's provisions, you can upgrade.

Fountain of dreams as light luxury brand in China, the pursuit of quality, Thatcher extraordinary spirit has been recognized by the hundreds of stars, one hundred Star Force recommended the dream spring makeup and dream spring once occupied the fashion news headlines, occupation of the fashion magazine cover, bazaar dream springs do special edition. Dream spring, from the French royal mature formula, after ten years of research, into the more advanced technology and ingredients, combined with Asian body needs to build, a Chinese own high-end cosmetics. Fountain of dreams and Dior feeding body is a, for less than the price of international brands, allowing users to enjoy the quality of international famous brand, fountain of dreams is to create a single product 3 months sales of billions of dollars of myth. Join the fountain of dreams, leading China light luxury fashion!

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