Dream spring: the authority of the powerful combination of quality resources

Date:Jul 20,2016

  Fountain of dreams, the headquarters is located in No. 66 French Champs Elysees is a set the whole category management of skin care, makeup, jewelry, clothing and other light luxury brand, since entering the China market, praised by the entertainment circle and the female users. Dream spring, not just to do the star brand, but also to do China's DIOR. Dream springs of each product in the food and Drug Administration clear for the record, there is a national authority to detect the report, the product quality can stand the test.

  The normal dream spring is reflected in all aspects, the product quality of the dream spring is guaranteed, the brand of the dream spring has authority.

  1.Dream springs products have the national authority of the product inspection report

  Dream spring product contains skin care, makeup, accessories and Xihu daily necessities, covering the women most of the day-to-day activities and are continuing to enrich. Fountain of dreams of every product inspection, each a product are to undergo a rigorous quality inspection, heavy metal, hormone, fluorescent agent testing report, part of the product is certified by the European Union. Meng Quan Furu each product has a record in the State Food and drug administration, stand up. Dream of spring product technology content, highlight the selling point, leisurely bright, leisurely is the essence of quality and reputation, can coexist.

  2.The authenticity and authority of the brand of dream spring

Baidu encyclopedia, authoritative international mainstream “ Encyclopedia ”, every label needs authoritative comments as evidence. Fountain of dreams, fashion positioning light luxury brand, has also been to & ldquo; light luxury brand & ldquo; occupy the market, the main push dream spring brand and the dream spring products, and is not the dream spring & ldquo; parent company & rdquo;. Like the big international line of Dior, Chanel, you know is Dior, Chanel, and not their parent company! Dream springs as famous light luxury fashion brand, also have their own Baidu Encyclopedia.

  3.Both online and offline Mengquan

Dream spring as a start in the micro business brand, is now not only limited to micro business, but a collection of micro business, electricity providers and entities and other comprehensive channels. Fountain of dreams in the Chinese market, in addition to the micro business, business channel, in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and other cities have flagship store, the dream fountain store by online and offline o2o mode of operation, to the store as the image and experience the main window, the dream spring products formal beyond doubt.

  2016 fashion dream Izumi elite Festival set together entertainment, fashion, wealth session of the elite, more Li Xiaolu held all media will meet, to join a strong dream spring, Meng Quan national straightness rise. Film "dream partner" by Yao Chen, Tang Yan, Hao Lei, Chen starring, All-Star lineup, dream spring combined with the partner dream "the full launch of dream spring shine Paris lip gloss products, more put billion yuan to promote the brand. Do you understand the pattern of the dream spring?

  Rainbow Department as a core team of dream springs, with delicate woman, quality of life for the purpose of the alliance, company operation, the monopoly marketing, a on one counseling, pursuit of quality, reputation and long-term brand is choice for your business, details of the Advisory rainbow private micro channel: 2997351.

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