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MOONCHERRY dream spring is headquartered in Paris, France, Champs Elysees, 66 main street. Ms. He Dongdong founder, love beautiful career and the wine anti-aging facial mask and the subsequent launch of nectar youth series, Napoleon lion series products gradually pushed to the market, and get the majority of women's pursuit. Currently in the Chinese market is mainly micro marketing, electricity suppliers, physical stores and other sales channels, mainly in the overseas market entities and Internet marketing.


Brand story


Josephine & rsquo; Bo Arne (French: José de Beauharnais phine, June 23, 1763 & mdash; May 29, 1814), Napoleon & rsquo; Bonaparte's first wife, the French First Empire first queen.

In 1804 Napoleon was crowned as the queen and Napoleon once had a period of love. More to the amazing beauty and unique temperament swept the European Court, as thousands of teenage girls ladies chase learning object. Josephine was a noble family, and had a unique view of the art of beauty. She has her own professional hair stylist, skin care expert, fashion expert. Especially on their face and health, Josephine has a set of beauty tips. She is his skin experts Bourne. Victor set up a laboratory, devoted to the study of skin is not old mystery.


Legend of the future generations to see the portrait of Josephine mistaken for Josephine's daughter. In the period of the great revolution Josephine had saved the royalist life. Later Napoleon was exiled, who returned to France door Bai Semyon Josephine. Josephine Castle also once become noble to patronize the stronghold in history to create the first diplomatic envoys. 1814. Josephine died when she left was still beautiful, like the same girl full of shiny skin. Europe has had a nightmare in 25 years, and this woman is closely linked with this incredible adventure, but because of her beauty and love to conquer the world. Her skin is not old mystery 30 years after her death, Bourne announced to the world by Victor.


British MONICA International Trade Co., Ltd., President of MONICA as early as 2003 in the United States had once used in the United States on the Wall Street of this mask. Until 2013 calendar 10 years, in Bordeaux, France VINXPO exhibition encountered formula holders France's euro group Philip, because before has been wine trade dealings, and Monica's sincerity and beauty touched Philip. MONICA heavily to get the old face of a single mask formula. 2013 registered MOONCHERRY dream brand. MONICA believe that MOONCHERRY is the best mask she used, ten years ago, is now, the future is also. Monica to as his life career MOONCHERRY, intensive, as more dream love beautiful women to build a platform for the beautiful and happy.

MOONCHERRY is the common cause of all the women who love life and love life, and it conveys the dream that a woman and some women are not old.



Joséphine de Beauharnais(23.Jun,1763-29.May,1814) ,first wife of Napoleon Bonaparte, was the first queen of First Empire of France.
With a profound emotion with Napoleon, she was crowned the queen in 1804. Herextraordinary beauty and temperament was famous from European palace and followed by ladies. She was born of nobility. With special understanding to beauty and own hairstylist, skin care professional and garment customization professional, she had a systematic beauty tips. She set up a lab for her skin care professionalByrne•Wickert to study the mystery of keeping skin stay young.

A legend spreads among the people that she was recognized as her daughter by mistake, because she is much younger than her age. During the Great Revolution period, she rescued some royalists. When Napoleon is exiled, they came back to France and came to see her in token of gratitude. Her castle was visited by the noble all over the world and it is the first time to appoint ambassador. Because ofNapoleon’s adventure, European countries had a 25-year nightmare. Even she has close relationship with this nightmare, she conquered the world with beauty and love. Her secret of being ageless was drew out by Byrne•Wickert after her death.

Monica, the CEO of British MONICA International Trading Co,.Ltd, had used one piece of the facial mask in Wall Street in 2003. Ten years later, she met Philip at the VINXPO in Bordeaux, the formula possessor of the Altran group. because of good cooperation in wine business and Monica’s sincerity, Philip was impressed to give the formula to her. In 2013, she built the MOONCHERRY brand. She believes that MOONCHERRY was the best facial mask ten years ago, is the best and will be the best. It is her career in whole life to bring beauty and happiness to all women. 

MOONCHERRY is the joint career of all women with love to beauty and life to express the dream of being ageless.